WHEN Black Star Riders tore apart Belfast's Limelight1 last week with Dead Daisies and Western Sand no-one could fail to be impressed by the three bands. [Review here]

Before the evening's festivities got underway we caught up with Ricky Warwick and John Stevens to chat about how things had been going on during the tour, and thoughts in general.

In a surreal atmosphere of members of Guns 'n' Roses walking around, the session live bass player of the Rolling Stones sitting signing CDs and Marco Mendoza casually walking by it was clear that all the bands were relaxed heading into the last night of the 15-date tour.

From Rocky we learned about the decision to change the name, the lyrical approach and what he thinks of his hometown in 2013.

From John Stevens we learn about how to pull together a rock supergroup and why being attacked by a crocodile didn't stop him from turning up to rehearsals...and playing in casts from a wheelchair.

Listen to both interviews below:

Ricky Warwick Interview

John Stevens Interview

Authors: Jonny

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