DAMN you lot kept me busy - the sheer amount of entries to the Slipknot ticket competition meant we had use a calculator, super computer and the trusty abacus to allocate each entry a number and then shuffle all the numbers, and get the metal mutt to place his paw on a number.

The winner is Margaret and the tickets will be in the post to her shortly.

But, with so many entries to see Sikth, Suicidal Tendencies , and Slipknotat the SSE Arena on 15th February means only one thing....YOU HAVEN'T bought your tickets yet.

Race down now to your local ticket emporium, click on a link and go buy - there are still tickets available.

C'mon, no excuses. We witnessed Slipknot in Dublin 13 months ago and boy, oh boy do they put on a show. Intense and enjoyable.

Here's what Corey Taylor said: "Any time we get the chance to come over to the UK it's awesome. Hopefully the fans will have as much fun as we do. We'll be putting together a great set for them and as we fill out the bill with bands, we hope the excitement gets even bigger".

And, with Sikth and Suicidal Tendencies it is a line-up that brings prog, crossover and the 'Knot we here are excited. - roll on 15th February. Sure you can get your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend a ticket and claim that it's a valentine gift....

Authors: Jonny

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