IN case you missed the announcement, The Distortion Project has announced that the biggest rock band in Greece, Planet of Zeus, will be making a return visit to Belfast on November 23rd, at the Voodoo in Belfast.

If you saw them last time with Clutch (review is here ) you'll know that their groove stoner rock/metal is highly entertaining. If you missed them, make a point of inking this date in your diary.

As well as Planet of Zeus, the DP shows return on 18th June with the mighty Two Tales of Woe - supported by Bad Boat and Erosion - in the usual Saturday 5-9 slot.

And, on July 2nd batten down the hatches for Heaviness Can't Wait, Midsummer Murder with War Iron, Nomadic Rituals and Molarbear. That should shake your fillings!

Feck sake, and with Pentagram playing on 11th October that is just some of the any DP shows.

Authors: Jonny

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