When possible I try to check out musicians or bands that follow or contact one of the NI Rocks or Rock Radio NI social media pages – but to be honest I don’t do so as often as I should! One of those occasions when I did led me to the symphonic / gothic rock band Coburg and when I checked out their music I liked what I heard. I contacted the band and they were good enough to send me their debut album “The Enchantress” which they were self-releasing on 27th October. I played the track “A Cold Day In Hell” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 29th Sept and “Thy Dagger” is featured on the Show this week.


The band is fronted by musician and model Anastasia Coburg. She provides lead vocals and plays lead guitar. The band’s website doesn’t give too much information at the moment but did reveal the line-up of the band and provided a little information to do some on-line investigating!   Anastasia had been a member of the band Naked Lunch since 2013 playing synthesizer and providing backing vocals. Naked Lunch is an electronic band founded in 1979 by vocalist Tony Mayo who also contributes to the band Coburg. Anastasia was also in a band called Jet Noir and from that band also comes Sarah Sanford on rhythm guitar and her brother Pietro Coburg on drums. The other two members of Coburg are, or have been, members of English prog-rock bands Galahad and Twelfth Night – keyboard player Dean Baker (Galahad since 1997 and Twelfth Night since 2010) and bass player Mark Spencer (Galahad 2012-14 and Twelfth Night since 2007).


There are 10 tracks on the album “The Enchantress”. For me personally, some are a little too drawn out at the start and some take too long to finish – particularly when including them on a Show. That might be a reflection of the electronic / prog rock heritage of the band members; or perhaps of the symphonic rock genre in general! However, other than that slight criticism, what you get are 10 great tunes and a promising debut from the band!


Check out the band’s website - http://coburgband.com/


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About “NI Rocks Recommends”

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