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THE Summer of Metal has passed and now we enter the aural assault of autumn, when metal, punk and hard rock ravage the passing days until we toast Saturnalia and bid goodbye to one of the heaviest years in Belfast.

Already autumn has had a metallic welcome with Karma to Burn, Desert Storm and the might of Armagh - Astralnaut levelling

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SATAN ran away...

###     Dateline: 30th August      ###
###  Location: Limelight2   ###
Issue: The

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There are two NI Rocks Shows each week on Rock Radio NI. These are the playlists for the shows for the month of August. These shows are still available from the On Demand Player. About 120 different artists are featured on the two shows this month. Playlists for the previous month are also still available - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/news/rrni-updates/1614-ni-rocks-playlists-for-july-2014.html

The Friday NI Rocks Show will feature a mix of new releases, tracks by bands who’ll be playing gigs in N Ireland, classic tracks, local bands and some interviews. It is first broadcast at 9pm UK time on a Friday night and is repeated again over the weekend and following days. Shows are also available from the On Demand Player for about 8 weeks following upload -http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/hosts/ni-rocks-friday-rock-show.html

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I posted a recommendation for the self titled debut album from Black State Highway a few weeks ago. The album has now been released through Cherry Red Records along with the single “Ain’t Got No”. Black State Highway are a young band who play a outstanding brand of bluesy, riff-laden rock n’ roll music. The band features Latvian Liva Steinberga on vocals, Olie Trethewey and Swede Yonnis Crampton on guitars, Gordon Duncan from Scotland on bass and Harry Bland on drums. I contacted the band to answer a few questions and find out more about them.

Last Updated (Friday, 29 August 2014 10:14)

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THERE was a time when heavy metal was just heavy metal. There were no genres, sub-genres, scenes or trends. Occasionally a title might be used to group a diverse group of bands who emerged at the same time - such as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal - but all were simply heavy metal.

Accept are a band

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RORY Gallagher is a legend, a man who could make his guitar weep with the blues, rock out with dirty sounds from his battered strat, and revive the American folk legacy with peerless acoustic.

And, Rory had a strong affinity with Belfast, almost his adopted home.

In December 1973 Rory defied the ongoing troubles, and just

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MAX Cavalera is a busy bunny - it seems he can't keep still...

Last month Soulfly were in Belfast as part of a tour cycle (review here) shortly after releasing

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AND, lo it was foretold that all good things must come to an end...and Comply or Die have drawn a neat line from their birth to their demise with this, their third album, 'Northless'.

But, if you are going to allow your band to die, do it with style; a style resonating with hardcore, punk and prog metal in a furious

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DEF Leppard are to get fans rocked for the first of this year's NFL International Series game on Sunday, September 28th, when the Oakland Raiders play the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium.

Given most of out contributors like the Lepps (for the editor it's a nostalgia thing) and American Football it's a perfect(ish) mix.

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“Double Agent” is the third album from Swedish melodic rock band Miss Behaviour and is released through AOR Heaven on 1st September. I’ll be honest and say that I was a bit unsure about this one initially. A quick flick through the tracks however warranted a download and another listen. Having now played the album from start to finish several times it has most definitely grown on me and certainly warrants a recommendation. Indeed the opening track “On With The Show” has already found its way onto the Friday NI Rocks Show this week.


Last Updated (Monday, 25 August 2014 11:31)

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IT seems that Overkill have been around forever, given that their roots first dug into the earth in 1980 as The Lubricunts in 1980. But 34 years later can they still remain relevant as the thrash movement evolves and moves on?

On White Devil Armory, the band's 17th release, it could be argued that they haven't

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New tune from The Answer. Blues from Lowell Fulsome. Pop from Squeeze.Proper Rock from The Sweet. Motor Cycle noises from Montrose! Falsetto singing from the Darkness and Sparks. Prog from King Crimson and more......Get it while it's luke warm!!
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Balattys Podcast: Note to self....Don't press "Enter" till you've finished the message!! Brand new Heaven the Axe, Magnum, Lizzy Borden, The Answer, Trucker Diablo, Rose Tattoo and more........
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Raythebass: Just to let you rockers know. 'Fa Joes' in Lurgan (AKA The central bar) is throwing together a battle of the bands competition in a few weeks, Tel: 028 3834 2335 if you're keen.
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