Something a little different! When I hear the name Luke Appleton, I think bass player for Iced Earth and guitarist for Absolva – acoustic guitarist doesn’t naturally spring to mind. However he has proven adept at that genre too – as has his brother Chris previously! Last year Luke released the acoustic EP “How Does It Feel To Be Alive” and on 26th April Rocksector Records released the album “Snake Eyes”. The album is acoustic-based as there is also some electric guitar on there too. I played the track “Inside Out” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 19th April.


Luke Appleton played bass in a band called Breakdown before joining his brother Chris in the band Fury UK. Following a tour supporting Iced Earth he was recruited by the American band and Fury UK dissolved with Chris Appleton and drummer Martin McNee going on to form Absolva. Luke would later join Absolva and he now performs and records with that band when not on duty with Iced Earth.

During 2018 Luke released an acoustic EP called “How Does It Feel To Be Alive” and now he has released a full album of acoustic based tracks. The album was engineered and produced by Chris Appleton who also plays guitar on the track “Crocodile Tears”. There are also guest appearances by original Iced Earth singer Gene Adam on “Slay The Hydra”, Metaprism singer Theresa Smith on “First Star” and Babylon Fire guitarist Rishi Mehta on two other tracks.

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