“Bleed for Passion” is the fourth album from American band Faithsedge and it was released by Scarlet Records on 26th July. The band formed in 2009 and is largely centred around singer and guitarist Giancarlo Floridia. I posted an interview with Giancarlo back in 2014 after the release of the band’s second album, but there have been some key line-up changes since then. The track “Back From This” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 19th July.


Faithsedge was formed in California in 2009 by singer / guitarist Giancarlo Floridia and guitarist Alex De Rosso, an Italian who had toured with Dokken and released a few solo albums. The original line-up included Fabrizio Grossi on bass and Tony Morra on drums. A self-titled debut album was released in 2011, followed by “The Answer of Insanity” in 2014. It was at that time that I posted an interview which Giancarlo had done for us by e-mail – http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/1666-ni-rocks-interview-with-giancarlo-floridia-from-faithsedge.html


There was a change in line-up just after the second album was released and this saw the addition of Alessandro Del Vecchio (the well-known musician and producer with close links to Frontiers Music) on keyboards and the arrival of Matt Starr (Mr Big, Ace Frehley, Burning Rain etc) on drums and Timothy Gaines (Stryper) on bass. That line-up of the band released the third album “Restoration” in 2016.

“Bleed For Passion” features ten tracks and lasts just under fifty minutes. The 80’s / early 90’s influence on the music remains, although the lyrics reflect the current era.

Check out the band’s website - http://www.faithsedge-music.com/

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