“Torn From The Pages” is a new album, released on 6th September by Mighty Music, featuring the talents of guitarist and producer Stevie D and Living Colour frontman Corey Glover. This is the first collaboration between the two musicians and initially Glover was to record just the one song, but this soon expanded to all thirteen tracks on the album. The single “Your Time Has Run Out” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 26th July and “Wake Up Call” is on the Show this week.


Stevie DeAcutis (‘Stevie D’) has been working as a guitarist, mixer, producer, writer and performer since the 80’s; working with many well-established artists. He is a multi-instrumentalist and owner of Sound Spa Productions. One of his latest projects with playing guitar alongside Bumblefoot on Carmine Appice’s “Guitar Zeus”.

Corey Glover is an actor and singer, best known of course as the frontman of Living Colour since 1985. Their latest album was released in 2017. He has also released a number of solo album and in 2018 the band Ultraphonic, featuring Glover and guitarist George Lynch, released the album “Original Human Music”.


Stevie D has been working on this album for some time, writing all the tracks and playing all the instruments. Initially the album was to be recorded with a former band mate, Doug Henthron, on vocals, but Glover was asked to appear on the track “Your Time Has Run Out”. After recording that track he was asked to perform on the rest of the album.


A Facebook page has been established for the project – https://www.facebook.com/StevieDftCoreyGlover/



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