Putting Davy Warren, Phil Black and Nigel Jackson on the door at a gig is not going to be good for passing trade.

Having me hanging about doing nothing except drink Guinness and scratching my Knackers probably isn't going to improve matters!

However, when you've a line up of bands like we had in the Spring and Airbreak in Belfast a couple of Fridays ago, folks are prepared to avert their vision and hold their breath for a few seconds, and come on in anyway!




First up, Ajenda.

I'd previously heard a couple of tracks and thought they were pretty good, but when the band hit the stage, well, I was mightily impressed. Great tunes, great musicianship and to quote Our Davy,

"That wee girl Jen has a quare set of pipes on her!"

I couldn't agree more! Go get "The Suomi Sessions" EP, it's excellent. Check them out on the Interweb thingy. Best of all, go see them live!!

Next up was The Stevie K Band.

Unfortunately, due to other duties, I didn't get to see them for more than a couple of tunes, but I could hear them, and it sounded pretty good to these old ears........Sorry guys, but I'll catch up with you at a later date.


What can be said about The Pat McManus Band that hasn't been said before?

Probably nothing.

However it's worth repeating!!

There are Rock shows, and then there's what Pat does. The venue seems to make no difference, be it a tiny Pub or a huge hall, when The Pat McManus Band arrive on stage, it's FULL ON from start to finish!

Pats ability with a Guitar (and Fiddle) is legendary, so there's no point me waxing lyrical about it. What I will say, I've seen Pat on several occasions, but never better than this.

Pat also had, as special guest, Keyboard player from Magnum, Mark Stanway.

I've been a huge Magnum fan for many many years, so it was a huge pleasure to see Mr Stanway working, and even more of a pleasure to interview Mark before the gig,a perfect gentleman who could not have been more obliging.

Now if we can get Magnum over this way........Any promoters fancy it?

A wee word about Pats Band. Paul, steady, loud and metronomic on drums, and Marty, the new Bass player, gliding about the stage like a Rock'n'Roll Tim Curry........Brilliant!!

We were entertained with all the favourites, including "Danger Zone" "Needle in the Groove" "Hot Blood" "Bedroom Eyes"  a new song, to me anyway, "Belfast Boy", a tribute to the late, great Gary Moore, and, the wonderful acoustic, "Return of the G Man"

The night drew to an end with the appearance of Harv Harbinson of Stormzone singing as few songs, a gentleman for whom the aforementioned phrase "A quare set of pipes" also seems apt, and the finale with Harv, Jen and Stevie K all joining in with "Mamma Weer All Crazee Now" pretty much raised the roof!

A great night of Rock'n'Roll!!

If you weren't there, you missed something very special!!

Massive thanks to all involved and special thanks to Sallie, Pat and last, but most definitely not least, Mark Stanway.

The interview, along with a couple of Magnum tunes is available on the website........Somewhere!!

(editors not it's available with other here)



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