BONAFIDE formed in Sweden in 2006, releasing their first self-titled album in 2007, followed by a second album “Something’s Dripping” in 2009. They had a busy few years touring and promoting the album before releasing the EP “Fill Your Head With Rock – Old, New, Tried & True” in 2011. The third full album “Ultimate Rebel” was released to great reviews in August 2012. The band start a 13 date tour of the UK on 16th November, culminating in their second appearance at Hard Rock Hell on 1st December. This includes their first appearance in Northern Ireland at the DIAMOND ROCK CLUB on Saturday 17th November.

Bonafide are Pontus Snibb on vocals and guitar, Mikael Fassberg on guitar, Martin Ekelund on bass and Niklas Matsson on drums. Mikael was good enough to sit down and answer a few questions ahead of their arrival in the UK.


NI ROCKS – Hi Mikael, thanks for taking some time out to sit down and answer a few questions for Rock Radio NI. You’ve just finished off the Spain and Portugal leg of the tour. How has that gone?

BONAFIDE – Unfortunately we didn´t get to play Portugal this time, but we did our longest tour of Spain yet, playing some 13 shows as well as doing a lot of promotion. The Spanish audience is wild. They know their rock and despite the recent recession they go to gigs and enjoy themselves.


NI ROCKS – Next stop is the UK with 13 gigs that culminate at Hard Rock Hell in Wales on 1st December. This will be your third UK tour inside a year and the second year in a row at Hard Rock Hell. What kind of reaction have you got from the UK fans and do you notice a growing fan base between the tour last December and the appearances over the summer.

BONAFIDE – Yeah, this is our third UK tour in less than a year, and we really feel more and more welcome... people seem to like what Bonafide stands for... in your face rock´n´roll, having a good time and enjoy a few drinks. The UK audience is fantastic.


NI ROCKS – You’ve had a busy year with festivals including Sweden Rock and Hard Rock Hell Ibiza. The festivals obviously provide an opportunity to get your music heard by people who might otherwise never listen to it. Have you purposely targeted the festivals or have the organisers just had the good sense to know they should have you playing?

BONAFIDE – We have always played a decent dose of festivals in Scandinavia since the band started, but this year it just exploded. We are looking forward to bringing the latest albums to some more festivals around Europe (and maybe beyond) next year!


NI ROCKS – The show in the Diamond Rock Club in Ballymena (for the locals - we know it’s really in Ahoghill !) on Saturday 17th November will be your first trip across to Ireland, North or South. Did you not hear the warnings about playing here?... Just kidding!  Are you looking forward to your trip over and maybe trying a pint of Guinness? You’ll be well looked after.

BONAFIDE – Oh yes... We are really into bands from both Ireland and Northern Ireland... Lizzy, Gallagher, Van Morrison etc etc etc... I, personally, have always wanted to go there. It´s going to be great! And I really hope the audience will find our appearance as joyful! :)


NI ROCKS – The current tour is of course to promote the new album “Ultimate Rebel” which came out in August. It’s your third album and has been getting great reviews. The first album “Bonafide” in 2007 was recorded in a home studio whilst 2009’s “Something’s Dripping” was recorded with Chips Kiesbye in Musicamatic Studios in Gothenburg. Tell us a little about the recording of the latest album.

BONAFIDE – Pontus (singer & main songwriter) really had a vision this time around. He knew how he wanted the record to sound, so we collectively decided he should produce it. We recorded most parts live in the studio and it was a very quick process. About 2 weeks, then we mixed it.


NI ROCKS – “Fill Your Head With Rock” which appeared on the second album was the main track on the “Old, New, Tried & True” EP released last year and has become a bit of a Bonafide anthem. It was included on a Classic Rock cd and was probably a lot of people’s introduction to the band. Why do think people have connected so much with this track?

BONAFIDE- It might sound pretentious, but I really do feel the song speaks to people, maybe the working man and woman who needs a time off from their everyday lives, forget about the BS and just have fun and join together. Maybe it´s also about that dream we all have about being celebrated... "The 15 minutes of fame..." maybe... And it´s a good, catchy tune!


NI ROCKS – I love the video for “Too Fired Up” from the new album. Who came up with the idea of doing an animated video mixed in with live footage?

BONAFIDE – Martin, our bass player did. He also did the dirty work in front of the computer... He won´t do it again... I like it as well! Reminds me of Terry Gilliam´s work...


NI ROCKS – What is it with great rock bands coming out of Sweden? Do they put something in the water there or perhaps “History of Classic Rock” is a compulsory subject for school kids?

BONAFIDE – I really don´t know... But we have not produced a Marriott, Lynott, Townshend, Kilmister, Lennon or McCartney yet...


NI ROCKS – Ok, I always like to ask bands what music or bands they’re listening to. What gets played on the tour bus or your iPods or whatever when you’re on the road?

BONAFIDE – Very little actually... we tend to try to sleep as much as possible... but we are are Classic Rockers... The Who, Small Faces, Kinks, Faces, Stones, Motörhead, AC/DC, Cheap Trick... and the list goes forever on...


NI ROCKS – Following Hard Rock Hell, you’ve a few gigs at home in Sweden to finish off 2012. What plans have the band for 2013?

BONAFIDE – We are busy all year 2013. There´s very much going on, but not I can mention right now...


NI ROCKS – Thanks again guys for taking the time to answer a few questions. Good luck with the rest of a tour and have a great time when you arrive in Northern Ireland next week.

BONAFIDE - Thank you! We are really looking forward to it! :)

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UK Tour Dates

16th Nov     The Steelhouse, Ebbw Vale

17th Nov     Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill

18th Nov     Joiners, Southampton

20th Nov     Tunnels, Bristol

21st Nov     Bootleggers, Kendal

22nd Nov    Corporation, Sheffield

23rd Nov     Arts Centre, Bingley

24th Nov     Stereo, Glasgow

25th Nov     Cluny, Newcastle

27th Nov     Slade Rooms, Wolverampton

28th Nov     Borderline, London

29th Nov     Memorial Hall, Newmarket

1st Dec       Hard Rock Hell, Gwynedd


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