FURYON are a band from Brighton, England who have been around since 2006 and who are signed with FRONTIERS RECORDS in Italy; home to many of the legends of rock and some of the best new bands on the scene including our own Million Dollar Reload. The current line-up consists of Matt Mitchell on vocals, Pat Heath on guitars, Alex “Nickel” Bowen on bass and Lee Farmery on drums. The band is in Northern Ireland on 24th November to play the DIAMOND ROCK CLUB in Ahoghill along with STORMZONE. Matt kindly did a quick interview with us ahead of that gig.


NI ROCKS – I appreciate you taking some time to answer a few brief questions for Rock Radio NI. Really just a few “get to know you” type questions for those who may not be as familiar with the band. This is your second trip to the Diamond Rock Club this year. I presume you enjoyed the local Guinness then?

FURYON – Always love the Guinness. In fact my first ever Guinness was in Belfast about 9 years ago. I was a late starter on the Black stuff.

NI ROCKS – There was an official announcement in August that Chris Green was stepping down following his move to the USA and that you’d be continuing as a four piece. When you were last here in April I posted a few videos that some of your fans commented on asking where Chris was, but understandably he wasn’t able to make the commute across the Atlantic. Longer term, are there any plans to recruit another guitarist?

FURYON At the moment we are looking for the right candidate. Pat Heath is doing a stirling job when we go out as a four piece and at times a great player by the name of Chris Webb fills that second guitar spot. Chris Webb played Bloodstock Festival with us in the late Summer of this year. He's a great player. Let us see what happens. I'm excited about the new movements.

NI ROCKS – The album “Gravitas” was recorded back in 2009 and had a limited release in 2010. It never gained the success that it deserved despite backing from “Classic Rock Magazine”, “Metal Hammer” and others. At any stage did frustration set in, wondering what you needed to do to get the album out to a wider audience?

FURYON Of course. It's frustrating when things don't sail as easy as you'd like, but we still did get that response from the biggest magazines in Rock and Metal and they did and do still support the band. We hold much respect for Future Publishing (Classic Rock/Metal Hammer).

It's very hard for bands to get a break these days. Bands you see on our level and under are working their tits off. Getting the right team on board means a lot. Managers/tour agents/sponsors all come into play in a big way to make shit work well.

Some people ask 'Why won't you come and play in my town?' The simple answer is - Get someone to book us into a half decent venue and pay at least some travel costs and we'll be there will bells on! We love and enjoy what we do. The hardest thing is keeping it rolling. But we do. And let me just say. It's gigs like this one in Northern Ireland that do keep this band alive. Some great support coming from you guys.

NI ROCKS – You had a pretty intensive PR campaign during 2011 that eventually led to the band being signed to Frontiers Records and to “Gravitas” getting a worldwide release in March of this year. Have you signed with Frontiers to cover the next album as well?

FURYON We have yes. Album 2 is being written right now. In talks about where to record and when we are going to plan a release date.

NI ROCKS – The deal with Frontiers obviously opens up the European and hopefully the American markets for the band. How much feedback have you had from the USA and are there plans for touring there in the near future?

FURYON Indeed. We played over in Belgium and Holland not that long ago and had a great response. The fans there were great. We are getting exposure in USA yes. Our videos get played on music channels and radio stations spin the tracks too. We might be out there in 2013. Fingers crossed.

NI ROCKS – You played an acoustic set on the Jagermeister Stage at Download back in June. How much of a challenge is doing the acoustic set and is it something you do very often?

FURYON – It was great! I play a lot of acoustic gigs myself so felt good for me. Some of the songs were even written in that form to start with so it was just like stripping it all back again. It has actually inspired the band to do more along those lines.

NI ROCKS – “Don’t Follow” was picked up by Monster Energy as the soundtrack on their video for the Moto GP in France this year (it can be seen on the Furyon website). How did that come about, are any of you bikers and have you noticed any increase in awareness of the band subsequently?

FURYON Yes! Monster have been great as always. We like bikes for sure. A few cruising bikes wouldn't  go a miss.  Yes the awareness is spreading all the time.

NI ROCKS – Following the gig in The Diamond Rock Club on 24th November, you’ve a homecoming gig in Brighton on the 8th December. It must be nice to get a chance to play in front of your home crowd and no doubt see the fans that have been following you from the early days?

FURYON It's always great playing in Brighton. We always have a blast and organize some kind of after party.  The fanbase around our hometown has not only grown but are really good for the band. Our fanbase in general are awesome! Always supporting with buying merch and flying the flag.

NI ROCKS – What plans have the band going into 2013 and what would you hope to have achieved as a band over the next 12 months?

FURYON Well  we will be recording and releasing album 2. That's the big plan. Getting out touring, festivals. We’re booking up slots now. Look out for Les Fest in Scotland. That is gonna be a new one. There is a couple of major supports being talked about but we'll see. More of pushing the band forward.

NI ROCKS – I’m always interested to hear what other bands are listening to. What new bands are out there that you’d recommend others take a listen to?

FURYON We a have different influences and like different styles. But I can tell you this much. The latest Rush album gets a spin. Black Country Communion. Mr.Big's last album. Opeth! On the last tour we listened to a lot of Ray Charles too! Great!

Check the Furyon Summer Blogs part 1 and 2 online.

NI ROCKS – Finally, something I ask most people I interview. If I was to grab your iPod or whatever and check out what you’d been listening to what would I be likely to hear?

FURYON A random answer. Depending on who you would grab hold here.

You'd get, Chris Cornel. Rush. Rival Sons. Messugha. Perfect Circle. Richie Kotzen. Alice Cooper. That's the truth right now.

NI ROCKS – Thanks again for taking some time to answer a few questions for Rock Radio NI. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you in The Diamond Rock Club again on Saturday 24th November. All the best!

FURYON - See you at the gig!!


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