Manchester band Absolva was formed in May 2012 by two members of Fury UK  and their first album entitled “Flames of Justice” has just been released by Rocksector Records. The band consists of Fury UK members Chris Appleton (vocals & lead guitar) and Martin McNee (drums) along with Tom Atkinson from Vice(lead guitar & backing vocals) and Don Bate from Point Blank Fury (bass & backing vocals).

The band are currently on tour, playing Voodoo in Belfast on Friday 30th November, Joe’s Bar in Strabane on Saturday 1stDecember and The Pint in Dublin on Sunday 2nd December.

Chris kindly took a few minutes to answer some questions for Rock Radio NI ahead of their arrival.




NI ROCKS – It’s only been a few months since your last dates here supporting Iced Earth in August. Now you’re back on a headlining tour. Have you found the audiences in Northern Ireland and Dublin to be particularly receptive to your sound......or is it just that we’re a particularly friendly bunch who like to have a drink?

ABSOLVA – Absolutely. We had a blast over here early this year. We met so many nice people. Nothing is like Irish hospitality. We couldn’t wait to get back.


NI ROCKS – Iced Earth of course includes another Fury UK member Luke Appleton on bass guitar. That must have seemed a bit unusual for the three members to be on tour in different bands. Was there any good natured banter or trickery going on back stage?

ABSOLVA – Very strange. But somehow it worked. Luke my brother, was born to be a bassist. His favourite band was always Iced Earth. He’s got his ideal job. All the banter and more. hehe.


NI ROCKS – When Luke took the opportunity to join US metal band Iced Earth in April 2012 it took only a matter of weeks for Absolva to emerge. I presume there was a very clear idea of what was being looked for in the new band?

ABSOLVA – I actually starting writing the day after I found out that Luke was joining Iced Earth. I wanted something heavier, something different, twin guitar sound. Not a Fury UK copy. And my top bands that I modelled Absolva on were Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.


NI ROCKS -  Absolva remained on the Rocksector Records label. How crucial has that relationship built up during the Fury UK years been over the past few months?

ABSOLVA – Very crucial. I'm a firm believer of work hard enough you'll get what you want. And Rocksector shares this belief. And we never go into thousands of pounds worth of debt to skip a step forward. We keep our feet on the ground and get out there.


NI ROCKS – The new album “Flames of Justice” was released earlier this month. Tell us a bit about the album and where and with whom it was recorded and produced.

ABSOLVA – The writing was done by myself. A lot of the tracks were written very quickly, before the shows we had coming up. Our first run was SOS Festival, then over to see you guys in Belfast & Dublin, over the water to Glasgow, then finished off at Bloodstock Open Air. So we needed a setlist very quickly. Once these dates were completed, I finished the writing off. A lot of the sculpture for the songs were done in the studio. We recorded with a guy called Matt Ellis, at Axis Studios over in Doncaster, Yorkshire. Matt had also worked on Fury UKs latest album.


NI ROCKS – The new album is very much a homage to the duel lead guitar driven hard rock sound, although there are a couple of exceptions. Track 10 “Only When It’s Over” is a great rock ballad that builds to a fantastic rawkin crescendo whilst Track 6 “State of Grace” is an acoustic instrumental. What is the story behind that latter track?

ABSOLVA – It’s an acoustic guitar track, something I always wanted to do. Kind of my hats off to Randy Rhoads. But it means a great deal to me the song. And all of us in fact. State of Grace, basically finding your happy place in your head, even through all the hard times in life.


NI ROCKS – Following the gigs in Belfast, Strabane and Dublin your next gig is the Rocksector Records showcase in Manchester on 15th December. That looks like a great line-up and the Absolva set sounds like it’s going to a big jamming session!

ABSOLVA – Yeah, we're doing our set, which will probably be Flames Of Justice played from start to finish. Then we introduce our guests one by one. It’s going to be a great celebration as all of the bands on Rocksector. They’ve have had a fantastic year.


NI ROCKS – I read on the Rocksector Records news bulletins that you’ll be recording a DVD at your show in Belgium in March. What other plans do the band have going into 2013?

ABSOLVA – That’s right, we're really looking forward to that. 2013, we're going to be touring a hell of a lot. Really branching out into Europe more. We're confirmed for Hammerfest in Prestatyn and also Scarfest in Stoke. There are more European festivals to be announced.


NIROCKS – Fury UK of course developed a big fan base over the years with 3 albums and a pretty extensive touring schedule. When Luke took a leave of absence to play with Iced Earth it was said that he remained a member of Fury UK and that the band were on an extended break. What is the current situation and longer term plans for Fury UK?

ABSOLVA – We'll wait and see mate. Lukes very much settled in Iced Earth. As I've said it’s his dream job. And I'm very excited and busy with Absolva. Fury UK might do something when the stars align and we have a break. Or myself and Luke might work on something completely different in the future who knows. The new guys from Absolva are very close with Luke and vice versa. We are all one big family, and Jon Scaffer & the rest of Iced Earth have been really supportive as well.


NI ROCKS – Finally, something I like to ask all the bands I interview. What bands would I be likely to find on your iPod or whatever if picked it up and pressed shuffle?

ABSOLVA – 3 albums I've been listening to at the moment. Accept : Stalingrad; Testament : Dark Roots of the Earth; Anthrax : Worship Music. Regulars in the van/tour bus are Thin Lizzy : Live & Dangerous & any Motorhead Album.


NI ROCKS – Thanks again for taking some time to answer a few questions. I hope you have a great few days in Northern Ireland and Dublin.

ABSOLVA – Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure.



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