On 24th May Escape Music released “Fire and Grace”, the latest album from American band Alliance. The band features guitarist Gary Pihl (from Boston, the Sammy Hagar Band etc), drummer David Lauser (from the Sammy Hagar Band) and Robert Berry (from 3, GTR, 3.2 etc). Escape Music boss Khalil Turk gave me an opportunity to interview Gary or Robert and I jumped at the chance to record something with both of them individually. Both interviews can be heard on the Friday NI Rocks Show for 14th June. This is available now from the NI Rocks MixCloud page - https://www.mixcloud.com/NIRocks/interviews-with-gary-pihl-and-robert-berry-from-alliance-on-the-friday-ni-rocks-show-14th-june-2019/ .


Gary and Robert both chat about the history of Alliance, going back to the mid 90’s, and about the new album. Each picked three tracks from the album to play alongside the interviews.




I spoke to Gary at his home in Boston via Skype on the evening of 10th June. In addition to Alliance, we talked about Boston, which he has been a member of for more than thirty years, the Sammy Hagar Band and his involvement in other projects such as Color Three, All 4 1 and December People (Robert Berry is also part of the latter two).


Check out Gary’s website - http://garypihl.com/


The interview will be transcribed and posted here later.



Playlist for the Show –

JAILBIRDS – Nothing Good Lasts Forever

SAMMY HAGAR – There’s Only One Way to Rock

Interview with GARY PIHL Part 1 (10min)

ALLIANCE – Fire and Grace

Interview with GARY PIHL Part 2 (9min)

ALLIANCE – Good Life

Interview with GARY PIHL Part 3 (14min)

ALLIANCE – Uncertain

BOSTON – Life, Love & Hope

ALL 4 1 – After The Rain

Interview with ROBERT BERRY Part 1 (8min)


Interview with ROBERT BERRY Part 2 (9min)

ALLIANCE – Don’t Stop The Wheel Turning

Interview with ROBERT BERRY Part 3 (12min)

ALLIANCE – Reason to Walk Away

3.2 – One by One

CORMAC NEESON – Do Something Today



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