After many weeks in Europe, The Pat McManus Band arrived back in Northern Ireland.
Did they head off home for a well earned breather?
Did they fairycakes!!


With special guest Andy Powell, the guitar meastro, founding member and main man of Wishbone Ash, they pulled their gear out of the van and got ready to rock the Spring and Airbreak in downtown Belfast.
The evening began with my first view of "The Big Truck"
Trucker Diablo, at short notice, played a six song set, and it was a blinder!!! A couple of new tunes and a few from "The Devil Rythym".
Mightily impressed, I'm looking forward to seeing a full set. The crowd however.....tut tut tut........I heard the opening riff of "Stand Up And Fight", my favorite Trucker song (well, this week anyway) but the crowd screamed for "Drink Beer, Destroy"........Ah Well. Next time!
Great stuff lads!!!!
Now, what can I say about The Pat McManus Band??
Lots of new stuff from the excellent new album, "Walking Through Shadows", a couple of Mamas Boys tunes and some older songs, for old hands like me it doesn't get much better!!
Pat with an Electric Guitar, I think, is virtually without equal......He also displayed an amazing talent with his Bazooki, his Fiddle and his Acoustic Guitar ("On The Western Plain" and "Return Of The G Man" are highlights of the show!!)
Then, Mr. Powell arrived. To say Andy Powell has had a long and distinguished career is, without a shadow of a doubt, an understatement, like saying The Second World War was "A bit of a skirmish"......
Pat and Andy rattled through a few Wisbone Ash tunes, and some Blues stuff, I won't mention the names of any of the songs for the simple reason the Guinness had well and truly kicked in, and my memory isn't what it used to be, but, what I do remember is a GREAT rock show!!
A special mention must go to the tightest rythym section I've seen in years (and I don't mean they won't get a round in!!) Gordon Sheridan with his cap and the low slung Bass, and Paul Faloon, with double Bass drums, first I've seen him using them, keep the beat with metronomic precision and trouser leg rattling power!!
A fantastic night of Rock......
Pat and Andy kindly took time out to have a few words, thank you gentlemen, the interview is recorded and available anytime here
Thanks Pat, thanks Andy, thanks Paul, thanks Gordon, thanks Sallie, thanks Trucker, thanks Phil.
Can't wait till the next time!!!!



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