“Did you know, there are a huge number of people in the world today who are effectively blind but who, with a little bit of help, would be perfectly able to see again.”

On the 25th May 5 of Northern Ireland's top bands will come together to perform and raise awareness to visually impaired people all over the world. The chosen charity is for Sightsavers International, a worldwide charity that aims to help the visually impaired where there is no help, in places like Africa, Asia & The Carribean.

Acts performing are:

A four peice Christian rock band from around Monaghan area. The boys have performed at a number of big name festivals all over the world, such as Creation Fest, Megalife, Meltdown & Greenbelt.  They have just recently released their new album "The Front Line".

A 4 peice pop rock band from Belfast. These guys are in the midst of recording their debut album. They have supported top name acts such as Sweet Savage & Pat McManus.

A 3 peice christian rock/metal band from Lisburn. This trio of rock are just getting back on the go after recruiting their new drummer Phil McKibben of Bandwagon

Stevie K & The Acoustic Truth Band
Stevie K has performed all over the world with his David Coverdale inspired voice. He has sang for groups such as Native Sun, Den of Thieves, Fortress, The Ned Kelly Band & Band of Brothers. Now he has calmed down abit and is chilling back with his acoustic, releasing the album "Acoustic Truth"

Smoking Tongue
A 4 peice hard blues band from Lisburn who are preparing to record their EP and are also aiming to go onto Glasgowbury

+ Special Guest Appearance from Margaret Mann (from Open Arts Community Choir)

The concert will be held in Ma Nelson's, Belfast's newest rock n' roll bar. 

Located at:
149 Lisburn Road

Doors open at 7.30pm, and the show will start at 8pm.
Admission is £4

All proceeds & donations go to Sightsavers International.

Your money will go on to provide medical care to help those who are gradually losing their sight, but could still have a chance to gain it back.  It will also help provide equipment for those who have lost their sight and need tools to help them get around such as white sticks.

Blindness has always been something special to me as I have grown up around it, and I hope it is something special to you.