Charity Rocks started up on January 27th 2011 by Clare Marie McAllister and Tina Calder. The opening night of Charity Rocks had great bands supporting the cause such as Romanticide, Setback, Drained White, September Cross and Mask Mantra.

Charity Rocks returned to Ma Nelsons on the 10th February with another great line up, supporting the cause on February was Like A Ninja, Despoilers, Midnight Transmission, The Hurbis and Audio Illusion .

Charity Rocks will be returning to Ma Nelsons on the 10th March, 21st April and 19th May. Charity Rocks welcomes all Rock/Punk/Metal etc bands to sign up.

Bands that are interested in playing at Charity Rocks to contact Tina Calder or Clare Marie McAllister and providing recordings of their music either through the bands youtube/myspace/facebook pages.



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