Last Known Addiction's new Album is due for release down at the Diamond Rock Club this Saturday (26th Feb)  and to mark the occasion we have a few specials lined up this week  including a one off show which will include a preview of all the tracks on the new album this is going out on the live stream tonight at 7pm and on Tuesday after our normal scheduled shows , it will be available on our from Wednesday also on that player is Seatzies Last Known Addiction Interview with Ryan both of these can be listened to by simply clicking on the link in the player on the link above.

We were lucky enough to receive a preview copy of the album and it was every bit as good as we expected , give the LKA show a listen you wont be disappointed expect all the hard hitting riffs and sing along choruses that we have grown custom to from these guys  , as mentioned previously by the band there are a couple non-typical tracks including a closing acoustic number give the show a  listen I guarantee you will be singing along by the end !.

(Pre) Order your copy now from the site below and will be available on the 26th in the Diamond Rock Club Agohil

http://lastknownaddiction.bigc nding-debut-album


Finally we feel these guys really deserve to be signed to a major label they are currently on the signme to road runner site take two minutes of your time and leave them a comment on the web site below and click like if your on facebook .


Dirt And The Dust

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Kick The Tyres

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Album Teaser

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