Singer Robin McAuley has been fronting successful bands and releasing albums for around forty years. He has fronted Survivor as well as releasing albums with Grand Prix, Far Corporation, McAuley Schenker Group, GMT, Michael Schenker Fest and most recently Black Swan.

However, Robin, who born in Ireland, released what is only his second ‘solo’ album through Frontiers Music on 7th May. It is called "Standing on the Edge". In fact the first ‘solo’ album released back in 1999 wasn’t even intended to be a solo album initially.

I had the opportunity to have a very entertaining chat with Robin via Skype on 24th May and you can hear that interview on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 28th May. We chat about the solo album, new music from Black Swan, working with Michael Schenker, the ‘Raiding the Rock Vault’ shows and much more. The Show is now available on the MixCloud page - 





The interview will be typed up eventually and posted here.

Black Swan band mates Jeff Pilson and Reb Beach were guests on the Show during 2020 –


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Playlist for the Show -

STORMZONE – This Is Heavy Metal

HARDLINE – Surrender



ROBIN MCAULEY – Standing On The Edge

Interview with ROBIN MCAULEY Part 1 (14 min)

ROBIN MCAULEY – Wanna Take A Ride

Interview with ROBIN MCAULEY Part 2 (10 min)

BLACK SWAN – Shake The World

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST – The Beast in the Shadows(ft Graham Bonnet)

Interview with ROBIN MCAULEY Part 3 (13 min)

ROBIN MCAULEY – Thy Will Be Done

ROBIN MCAULEY – Running Out of Time

BLACK SWAN – The Rock That Rolled Away

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST – Heart and Soul (ft Robin McAuley)

VAN HALEN – Finish What Ya Started

EUROPE – Cherokee

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM – Brace for Impact

ANDREW W.K. – Babalon

HELLOWEEN – Fear of the Fallen

SANDSTONE – King of Cipher